African Masterclass Series III Applications Open!


African Masterclass Series III Applications Open!

Is the desire to create transformative social change burning within you? If so, the African Masterclass Series III emerges as the epitome of transformation, unfolding realms of personal growth and social innovation.

Embark on an Educational Odyssey with the African Masterclass Series III, a uniquely curated three-week immersive learning journey. This series seeks to equip dedicated individuals with the pivotal competencies essential for engendering significant impact. It acts as the crucible where personal metamorphosis and social innovation coalesce, fostering a reality where positive alterations stem from individuals undergoing profound personal enhancement and self-discovery. This enriching confluence leads to an elevated comprehension of one’s values and strengths, pivotal for addressing urgent challenges pervading communities and societies.
Opportunity πŸš€ African Masterclass Series III
Duration πŸ“† 3 Weeks
Focus 🌐 Personal Growth, Social Innovation
Benefits 🌟 Knowledge, Strategies, Connection with like-minded individuals
Mentors 🧠 Six social innovators with real-time social impact
Eligibility πŸŽ“ African citizens, Social Innovators, Changemakers
Application πŸ“ Online registration required
Deadline πŸ“… October 9, 2023

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A Confluence of Personal Growth and Social Innovation

This distinctive series is orchestrated to feature six esteemed social innovators, individuals who have manifested tangible social transformation within diverse impact realms. By unveiling their transformative journeys, imparting key insights, and highlighting the gaps existing within their impact domains, this series aspires to galvanize changemakers and social innovators. The objective is to empower these driven individuals to spearhead sustainable evolution and induce positive metamorphoses within communities and the broader society.
Objectives of the African Masterclass Series III (AMS III)Redefine Social Innovation: Decipher the intricate journey and comprehensive processes leading to the genesis of impactful social innovations.
Enhance Wellbeing: Elevate the welfare and overall well-being of diverse individuals and communities.
Promote Personal Evolution: Nurture a harmonious blend of a positive perspective, a growth-centric mindset, and profound introspection.
Cultivate Self-Awareness: Foster an enriched understanding of one’s inherent strengths, weaknesses, values, and emotional spectrum.
Facilitate Personal Revolution: Pinpoint and refine areas necessitating improvement and embark on transformative odysseys.
Shift Mindset Paradigms: Propagate a shift in mindset, unlocking a plethora of opportunities in social innovation and personal development.
Bolster Emotional Resilience: Address and heal emotional wounds, paving the way for enhanced emotional resilience across individuals, organisations, and communities.
Reaping the Rewards

Participants will gain an opportunity to:Amass Invaluable Knowledge: Acquire strategies pivotal for instigating transformational evolution and societal impact.
Forge Connections with Visionaries: Network with fellow innovators and change agents harboring a passion for societal impact.
Derive Insights from Mentorship: Learn from influential mentors and thought leaders, gaining actionable insights to propel their initiatives.
Integrate into a Diverse Network: Become a part of a global consortium of social innovators, changemakers, development practitioners, nonprofit professionals, and other impact-driven entities dedicated to fostering sustainable development across Africa and the world.
Who Can Apply?

This enriching series is accessible to all African citizens who are social innovators and changemakers eager to drive transformative change within their communities.

To Register, please click here.

For More Details, visit the African Masterclass Series III website.

Application Deadline: October 9, 2023

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