Al-Ansar University School Fees 2023/2024: Detailed Course Costs


Al-Ansar University School Fees 2023/2024: Detailed Course Costs

Navigating the costs of university can be daunting, but with Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri (AUM) transparently publishing their school fees for 2023/2024, you're in safe hands. Whether you're eyeing a degree in Mass Communication or dreaming of a future in Nursing, we've detailed every fee for every course. Stay informed on what to expect financially for your chosen programme at AUM!

Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri (AUM), has announced the school fees schedule for the 2023/2024 academic year. This post provides detailed information on the fees payable by students across various colleges and courses.
🎨 Arts & Soc. Sci. Arabic, Islamic Studies, Econ, English: ₦231,000-₦825,000
💼 Management Accounting, Business Admin: ₦825,000
📉 Economics B.Sc. Economics: ₦660,000
📘 English B.A. English: ₦550,000
🧑‍💼 HR Management B.Sc. HR Management: ₦825,000
📚 Sociology Sociology, Criminology: ₦550,000
📰 Mass Comm. B.Sc. Mass Communication: ₦715,000
🏛️ Pol. Science B.Sc. Pol. Sci.: ₦550,000
🩺 Medicine & Health Anatomy, Nursing, Public Health: ₦1,320,000
🔬 Science & ICT Biochem, Microbiology: ₦770,000; IT: ₦715,000
🧮 Mathematics Industrial Mathematics: ₦550,000
💻 Comp. Science CS, Cyber Security, Software Eng.: ₦715,000
❌ Exclusions Fees excluding accommodation

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College of Arts, Management, and Social Sciences

The college offers a range of courses with the following fee structure:B.A. Arabic: ₦231,000
B.A. Islamic Studies: ₦231,000
B.Sc. Accounting: ₦825,000
B.Sc. Economics/Commerce Entrepreneurship: ₦825,000
B.Sc. Management/Procurement: ₦825,000
B.Sc. Economics: ₦660,000
B.A. English: ₦550,000
B.Sc. Human Resources Management: ₦825,000
B.Sc. Sociology: ₦550,000
B.Sc. Criminology & Security Studies: ₦550,000
B.Sc. Mass Communication: ₦715,000
B.Sc. Political Science & Conflict Resolution: ₦550,000
College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Health-related courses are critical, and AUM offers the following programmes with their respective fees:B. Sc. Human Anatomy: ₦1,320,000
B. Sc. Human Physiology: ₦1,320,000
B. Sc. Nursing: ₦1,320,000
B. Sc. Public Health: ₦1,320,000
B. Sc. Medical Lab. Science: ₦1,320,000
College of Science Information and Communication Technology

For aspiring scientists and technologists, here are the fees for the various programmes:B.Sc. Biochemistry: ₦770,000
B.Sc. Biotechnology: ₦770,000
B.Sc. Petrochemical Chemistry: ₦770,000
B.Sc. Industrial Mathematics: ₦550,000
B.Sc. Microbiology: ₦770,000
B.Sc. Physics with Electronics: ₦725,000
B.Sc. Computer Science: ₦715,000
B.Sc. Cyber Security: ₦715,000
B.Sc. Data Science: ₦715,000
B.Sc. Information Technology: ₦715,000
B.Sc. Software Engineering: ₦715,000

Please note that these fees do not include accommodation costs.

Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri, is committed to providing quality education across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The fees listed above are a reflection of AUM’s dedication to offering competitive and comprehensive academic programmes. Prospective students are advised to plan their finances accordingly and reach out to the university for any clarification on the fees and payment procedures.

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