Al-Hikmah University's Hostel Accommodation Policy

Al-Hikmah University's Hostel Accommodation Policy

For students at Al-Hikmah University, understanding the hostel accommodation policies is as essential as your course selection. With compulsory on-campus living for certain year groups and a clear process for those exempted, are you prepared to navigate these new rules? Let's dive into what you need for a seamless campus living experience.

As you prepare for the upcoming academic year at Al-Hikmah University, it is crucial to understand the university’s policy regarding student accommodation. Here’s what you need to know about the hostel arrangements for the 2023/2024 session.
🏘️ Compulsory Hostel New, 200L, Final year
💸 Exemption Fee N10,000
📋 Approved List See Student Affairs
📄 Exemption Receipt Required for Clearance
🛂 Hostel Pass For Out-of-Campus Stay
🚪 Campus Entry Pass Grants Access
🚫 Unapproved Stay Not Allowed
📚 Student Affairs Contact for Clearance

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Mandatory Hostel Accommodation
Who Must Stay in University Hostels?

Compulsory Residence: If you are a new student, in your second year, or a final year student, residing in the university hostel is mandatory.
Exemption and Fees for Other Students
Hostel Exemption Fee

Non-Resident Students: If you are at a different level and unable to secure a place in the university hostel, you are required to pay a Hostel Exemption Fee of N10,000.
Approved Off-Campus Accommodation
List of Sanctioned Hostels

The Student Affairs office maintains a list of approved off-campus hostels and houses for students who are not residing on campus.
Obtaining Clearance

Before moving into any off-campus accommodation, ensure you:Pay the exemption fee.
Collect a Clearance/Hostel Pass from the Student Affairs Office with your receipt.
Campus Entry with Pass

This pass is necessary for you to gain entry to the campus on a daily basis.
Adherence to Approved Accommodation

Unauthorised Residences: Please be aware that staying in a hostel or house not on the approved list is prohibited.

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