Apply for She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship 2023


Apply for She Code Africa x Grow with Google Scholarship 2023

Navigating the tech field as an African woman? What if a scholarship could boost your journey? In collaboration with Grow with Google and Coursera, She Code Africa unveils a golden chance for upskilling in various domains. Ready to harness this opportunity? Delve deeper now.

In an era where technology is paramount, opportunities to upskill and be at the forefront of the digital revolution are invaluable. She Code Africa, in a landmark partnership with Grow with Google and Coursera, has ushered in such an opportunity, specifically tailored for African girls and women.
๐ŸŒ Organisers She Code Africa x Grow with Google & Coursera
๐Ÿ› ️ Tracks Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT Support & more
๐Ÿ“… Duration 5 months/20 weeks
๐ŸŽ Benefits Community support, employability workshops, career certificate
๐Ÿ’ป Requirements Working laptop, internet, completion within 5 months
๐Ÿ“ Eligibility She Code Africa community member, foundational knowledge in chosen track
๐Ÿ“Œ Application 15-20 mins form, no progress saving, review before submitting
⏰ Deadline October 28, 2023

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A Glance at the Scholarship Offering

This unique initiative offers a 100% scholarship to African females keen to elevate their skills in several burgeoning tech areas:Cybersecurity
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing & E-commerce
IT Support
Project Management
UX Design

Beyond merely imparting knowledge, this 5-month (20-week) intensive programme is meticulously designed to ensure participants emerge job-ready, regardless of whether they have prior experience or a relevant degree in the domain.
What Sets This Scholarship Apart?

By partaking in this programme, participants are set to reap a slew of advantages:Community Support: Engage with a supportive community comprising fellow learners, which can significantly enhance the learning experience.
Monthly Check-ins: The SCA Team will host monthly check-in calls, ensuring a nurturing learning environment is consistently maintained.
Employability Workshops: These workshops will be instrumental in helping participants secure rewarding internship roles.
Certification: Upon successfully completing the programme, participants will receive a coveted career certificate.

As enticing as the scholarship is, there are certain prerequisites to ensure it’s awarded to the most deserving:SCA Community Membership: Being an active member of the She Code Africa Community is mandatory. Prospective members should note that the community membership review typically spans a week, and the application should be compelling enough to pass muster.
Foundational Knowledge: Proof of basic knowledge or skills in the selected track is required.
Tech Preparedness: Possessing a working laptop and consistent internet access throughout the programme’s duration is non-negotiable.
Commitment: The ability to complete the chosen course within the stipulated 5 months (20 weeks) and availability for monthly check-ins are crucial.
Experience Level: Priority will be given to applicants who are beginners or at the entry or mid-level stages of their chosen tech tracks.
Ready to Apply?

If this scholarship resonates with you, ensure you:Read All Instructions: Before diving into the application, thoroughly peruse all instructions to avoid any missteps.
Allocate Ample Time: The application might take 15-20 minutes, and since there’s no provision to save your progress, it’s advisable to set aside a dedicated slot.
Accuracy: Before hitting submit, review your entries to correct any typos or inadvertent errors.
Timeliness: The application should be submitted before the looming deadline of October 28, 2023.


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