Azman University School Fees 2023/2024


Azman University School Fees 2023/2024

Are you on the hunt for the latest update on Azman University School Fees for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session? Do you want to know how your investment in education is going to shape up this year? Wondering if you can afford the quality education that Azman promises?Delve into the details of Azman University's fee structure and find out how it compares to your expectations. Keep reading to discover the financial stepping stones for a range of undergraduate programmes at Azman University.

Azman University has announced the comprehensive school fees schedule for the forthcoming 2023/2024 academic session, marking a pivotal phase in the institution’s preparation for new student intakes. Under the visionary leadership of Prof. Fatima Batul Mukhtar, the university has disclosed the costs associated with the 20 programs approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

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Understanding the Fee Structure

The university, via its Bursary Department, has released a detailed fee schedule that includes tuition, accommodation, and additional miscellaneous costs. In a move to facilitate an effortless application process, the university has made the decision to waive the application and acceptance fees for all prospective students.
Tuition & Other Fees Breakdown

Azman University prides itself on its diverse range of programmes, split across several faculties. Below is the comprehensive list of the tuition and associated fees for the Faculty of Computing and Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.
Faculty of Computing and SciencesB.Sc. Biotechnology: ₦1,293,000.00
B.Sc. Microbiology: ₦1,293,000.00
B.Sc. Computer Science: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Cyber Security: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Data Science: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Information Technology: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Software Engineering: ₦1,197,500.00
Faculty of Allied Health SciencesB.Sc. Public Health: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Health Care Administration and Hospital Management: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Environmental Health Science: ₦1,197,500.00
B.Sc. Health Information Management: ₦1,197,500.00
Faculty of Management and Social SciencesB.Sc. Accounting: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Business Management: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Economics: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Aviation Management: ₦1,493,000.00
B.Sc. International Relations: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Public Administration: ₦1,027,500.00
B.Sc. Aviation Security: ₦1,493,000.00
B.Sc. Procurement Management: ₦1,027,500.00
Additional Fees and Accommodation Costs

The institution also outlined other fees that students are required to consider:Medicals: ₦20,000.00
Matriculation: ₦25,000.00
Student Activity: ₦70,000.00
Library: ₦50,000.00
Sports Fees: ₦50,000.00
Result Verification: ₦10,000.00
Caution Fee: ₦40,000.00
ID Card: ₦10,000.00
ICT Development: ₦50,000.00
Laboratory: ₦75,000.00

Accommodation fees are also specified, with differing amounts for male and female residences:Male Accommodation: ₦650,000.00
Female Accommodation: ₦800,000.00
Admissions and Application Requirements

Prospective students should await further details on the program requirements, which will be disclosed shortly. The university is poised to open its admission portal for applicants, as indicated in the official documents.
In Conclusion

With a clear fee structure and the elimination of application hurdles, Azman University is setting the stage for a smooth admissions process. Aspiring students and guardians are advised to keep abreast of the latest updates and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

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