Complete List of IAUE Postgraduate Courses


Complete List of IAUE Postgraduate Courses

Exploring the postgraduate courses at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education? Wondering which faculty offers what? From Business Studies to Technical Education, IAUOE has revealed a vast array of programmes for 2023/2024. Interested in diving deeper? This guide provides a detailed overview.

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) has officially announced its wide range of postgraduate programmes available for the 2022/2023 academic year. This guide aims to provide prospective postgraduate students with a comprehensive breakdown of the diverse courses on offer.
๐Ÿข University Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUOE)
๐Ÿ“… Session 2023/2024 Academic Year
๐Ÿ“š Faculty Highlight Business Studies
๐ŸŒ Department Peek Department of Accounting (PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, PhD)
๐ŸŽจ Art Courses Fine and Applied Arts (PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, PhD)
๐Ÿ”ฌ Science Focus Department of Biology (PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, PhD)
๐ŸŒ Social Sciences Department of Economics (PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, PhD)
๐Ÿ”ง Tech & Vocational Department of Agriculture (PGD, MSc, MSc. Ed, MPhil/PhD, PhD)

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IAUE Postgraduate Courses

Department of AccountingCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDFinancial Accounting
Public Finance
Department of ManagementCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEntrepreneurship Studies
Human Resource Management
Industrial Relations
Organisational Behaviour
Production Management
Department of MarketingCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDMarketing
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Strategic Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Consumer Behaviour and Sustainability Marketing
Department of Office and Information ManagementCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDOffice Management
Office and Information Management
Department of Business EducationCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAccounting
Office and Information Management
Department of Curriculum Studies and Instructional TechnologyCourses: PGDE, MA Ed, MEd, MSc. Ed, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAdult Education
Curriculum Studies
Educational Technology
Art Education (MA.Ed)
Language Education (MA.Ed)
Science Education (MSc.Ed)
Department of Educational FoundationsCourses: PGDE, MEd, MPhil/PhD, and PhDHistory and Policy of Education
Philosophy of Education
Sociology of Education
Department of Educational ManagementCourses: PGDE, MEd, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEducational Administration
Educational Leadership and Policy
Educational Planning
Department of Primary Education StudiesCourses: PGDE, MEd, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEarly Childhood Education
Primary Education
Department of Educational Psychology, Guidance and CounsellingCourses: PGDE, MEd, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEducational Psychology
Guidance and Counselling
Measurement and Evaluation
Special Education
Department of Library and Information StudiesCourses: PGDL, MLS, MPhil/PhD, and PhDLibrary and Information Science
Department of English and Communication ArtCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDCommunication
Department of Fine and Applied ArtsCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDArt Education
Art History
Ceramics and Textile Design
Graphics Design and Art Education
Studio (Metal Design, Painting, Sculpture)
Department of French and International StudiesCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAfrican Literature
French Language/Linguistics
French Literature
Translation Studies
Department of Religious and Cultural StudiesCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAfrican Traditional Religion
Biblical Studies
Church History
Sociology of Religion
Department of History and Diplomatic StudiesCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAfrican History
Diplomacy and International Relations
History and International Relations
Political and Social History
Department of MusicCourses: PGD, MA, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAfrican Music
Conducting and Music Directing
Music Education
Music Performance
Theory and Composition
Department of BiologyCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEntomology and Pest Management
Environmental Biology
Environmental Parasitology
Food and Industrial Microbiology
Hydrobiology and Fisheries
Plant Physiology
Department of ChemistryCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDAnalytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Computer ScienceCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDComputer Science
Information Technology
Department of Human Kinetics, Health and Safety StudiesCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDCommunity Health
Exercise Physiology
Occupational Health and Safety
Administration and Sport Management
Reproductive Health
Department of Integrated ScienceCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDBasic and Environmental Science
Department of Mathematics and StatisticsCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDMathematics
Department of PhysicsCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDApplied Geophysics
Environmental and Radiation Physics
Solid State Physics/Electronics
Theoretical Physics
Department of EconomicsCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDDevelopment Economics/Planning
Environmental Economics
International Economics
Monetary Economics
Department of Geography and Environmental StudiesCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDEnvironmental Management
Regional Development Planning
Rural Development and Resource Management
Transport Geography
Department of SociologyCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDCriminology and Security studies
Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
Peace and Conflict Studies
Social work and Social Welfare Administration
Sociology of Development
Department of Political ScienceCourses: PGD, MSc, MPhil/PhD, and PhDDevelopmental Studies
International Relations
Local Government Administration
Political Theory

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) is committed to providing a wide range of postgraduate programmes to cater to the academic and professional needs of its students. These programmes are designed to produce graduates who are well-equipped to face the challenges of their respective fields and contribute positively to society.

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