De Potter College 1st Convocation & 10th Anniversary 2023


De Potter College 1st Convocation & 10th Anniversary 2023

De Potter College of Health Technology stands as a beacon of educational excellence. But how does a leading institution commemorate a decade of unparalleled success? With its 1st Convocation Ceremony coinciding with the 10th Year Anniversary, there's much to anticipate. Are you curious about the grandeur and gravitas of this event? Read on to uncover the detailed schedule and join in the celebration.

Established as a beacon of hope in the field of health education, De Potter College of Health Technology has paved its path in the world of academia with unparalleled dedication. As we approach the end of 2023, it’s an opportune moment to mark two significant milestones for the college. This year sees the esteemed institution celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary and 1st Convocation Ceremony.

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A Brief Overview of the Institution

Located in the heart of Oru-Ijebu Road, Oshosun, Ogun State, De Potter College of Health Technology has consistently sought to provide quality education and training in health technology. Through its commitment, the institution has endeavoured to ‘re-imagine the College of Health Technology’ as a pivotal force for improving the healthcare system in Nigeria.
A Glimpse into the Grand Celebrations

The Provost, Adeware O. G., on behalf of the Governing Board, Management, Staff, and Students, cordially invites all to a week-long series of events to commemorate these remarkable achievements.
1st Convocation Ceremony

On 7th December 2023, De Potter College of Health Technology will be hosting its inaugural convocation ceremony. This event, set at the College Ceremonial Ground at 10:00 am, signifies a new era for the institution and its dedicated students. It is an embodiment of hard work, perseverance, and the culmination of years of rigorous academic endeavour.
10th Year Anniversary

The decennial celebrations, spread across the week from 1st to 8th December 2023, comprise a myriad of events reflecting the college’s ethos of community involvement, academic excellence, and spiritual grounding.

Convocation Ceremony and 10th Year Anniversary Programme of Events1st December: A spiritual Anniversary Jumat Service at the College Mosque at 1:00 pm.
2nd December: A Corporate Social Responsibility & Medical Outreach Service will be conducted in Ijebu-Igbo Community, Awa Community, and Oru Community starting from 9:00 am.
3rd December: An Anniversary Thanksgiving Service is scheduled at the College Auditorium at noon.
4th December: Sports enthusiasts can look forward to Anniversary Inter-departmental Games (Provost Cup Finals) at the College Recreational Ground at 9:00 am.
5th December: For the upcoming convocation, Collection of Convocation Materials will take place at the Registry from 9:00 am. Additionally, an Alumni Meeting is set to be held at the College Auditorium at 11:00 am.
6th December: A pivotal event, the 1st Convocation & 10th Anniversary Book Launch, will commence at the College Ceremonial Ground at 11:00 am.
7th December: The much-anticipated 1st Convocation Ceremony takes centre stage at the College Ceremonial Ground at 10:00 am.
8th December: To conclude the celebratory week, a 10th Anniversary Gala Night and Awards ceremony will be hosted at the College Ceremonial Ground from 2:00 pm.

As De Potter College of Health Technology embarks on this joyous journey of reflection and celebration, it stands as a testament to a decade of dedication to health technology education. With a rich legacy behind and a promising future ahead, the institution invites all to partake in these momentous occasions.

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