DSUST Resumption Date for 2023/2024 Session


DSUST Resumption Date for 2023/2024 Session

With the new academic year on the horizon, many might wonder, "When is DSUST resumption date for the 2023/2024 session?" Has there been a change in the originally scheduled date? What does this mean for the students eagerly awaiting to embark on their academic pursuits? This article endeavours to shed light on the latest updates from Delta State University of Science and Technology.

In light of recent academic scheduling, Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST), Ozoro, Nigeria, has released an official update regarding a significant change in its academic calendar. The announcement, which primarily targets students, faculty, and stakeholders, aims to ensure smooth academic operations for the forthcoming session.

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A Shift in the Resumption Date

DSUST has officially extended the resumption date for all students, both returning and freshers. Initially set for 31st October 2023, the institution has rescheduled it to Monday, 27th November 2023. This change is pivotal for the academic community to adjust their preparations and align them with the university’s new timetable.
What This Means for the Students

With the new update, students are now expected to return to the campus on Sunday, 26th November 2023. This allows them an entire day to settle down, acclimatise and prepare for the commencement of lectures.

Following the aforementioned, academic activities, specifically lectures, will kick-start promptly on Monday, 27th November 2023. Students are advised to mark these dates in their calendar and plan their return to the university accordingly.
DSUST’s Welcoming Gesture

The management extends a warm welcome to all its students. DSUST holds its student community in high regard and ensures that every change made is in the best interest of the student demographic. This adjustment in the academic calendar underscores the institution’s commitment to providing a flexible and conducive learning environment.

Adjustments in academic schedules can sometimes be challenging, but they are often made with the best intentions. DSUST has shown time and again its dedication to academic excellence and the well-being of its students. The rescheduling is a testament to this commitment.

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