FCE Zaria ABU Graduates: Process Your Statement of Results Now!


FCE Zaria ABU Graduates: Process Your Statement of Results Now!

To all proud graduates of the ABU Zaria affiliation at Federal College of Education, Zaria, it's time to take the final step towards completing your graduation formalities. But are you aware of the crucial fee payment that awaits? With N8000 standing between you and your statement of results, we provide you with the vital details on where to pay and how to ensure you're all set to receive your official documents. Read on to make sure you follow the process to a T!

If you’re an alumnus of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria affiliation, with the Federal College of Education, Zaria, and are gearing up to collect your statement of results, please take note of the essential payment instructions provided here.
🎓 Graduates ABU Affiliation, FCE Zaria
💳 Fee N8000 Certificate Processing
🏦 Where to Pay ZAFEC Microfinance Bank
❌ Not At ABU Main Campus
📜 Collection At FCE Zaria
🧾 Evidence Present Payment Proof
🚫 Strictly Abide by Instructions
📢 Notice For All Graduates

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Certificate Processing Fees PaymentAmount: You are required to pay the ABU Certificate Processing fee, which amounts to ₦8,000.
Payment Location: This fee should be paid at the ZAFEC Microfinance Bank located within the College premises.
Do Not Go to the Main CampusIt’s important that you do not attempt to make this payment at the main campus of the University.
Collection of Statement of ResultsIssuance Site: Once you have made the payment, your statement of results will be issued to you right there at the Federal College of Education, Zaria.
Evidence of Payment: Remember to present proof of your payment to be eligible to receive your statement of results.
Compliance is KeyYou are urged to strictly follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free collection process.

Adhering to these instructions is vital for the swift processing of your documents. The College is set up to facilitate this process efficiently, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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