FUGASHUA School Fees Schedule for 2023/2024 Session


FUGASHUA School Fees Schedule for 2023/2024 Session

Understanding the comprehensive fee structure of FUGASHUA is crucial for prospective and returning students. What are the primary expenses? Are there additional charges based on department selection? This guide sheds light on the Senate-approved registration payment and harnessing charges for the 2023/2024 session, offering clarity for your academic journey.

In recent times, understanding the structure of academic fees has become vital for prospective and returning students. Federal University Gashua (FUGASHUA), a prominent institution in Yobe State, Nigeria, has released its fee structure for the 2023/2024 academic session. This post aims to provide a detailed breakdown, ensuring clarity for all stakeholders.
Medical Services 🩺 New Intake & Returning: ₦3750
Library Fee πŸ“š New Intake & Returning: ₦3000
ICT Fees πŸ’» New Intake & Returning: ₦7500
Examination πŸ“ New Intake & Returning: ₦6000
Lab Charges πŸ”¬ Variable: ₦3750 or ₦12,000 (Dept. based)
Change Course Fee πŸ”„ Inter Departmental: ₦10,000
Late Registration ⏰ ₦5,000
Acceptance Fee 🀝 ₦42,000

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Undergraduate Student Registration Payment Schedule

For students keen on enrolling in Federal University Gashua, the following is an itemised list of the charges:
New Intakes and Returning Students:Medical Services: ₦3,750
Library: ₦3,000
ICT Fees: ₦7,500
Utility: ₦7,500
Sports: ₦1,800
ID Cards: ₦2,250
Examination: ₦6,000
Faculty Charges: ₦7,000

While the fees for some services like Online Registration, Caution Deposit, Orientation Fees, and Students Handbook differ for new intakes, it’s crucial to note special charges based on courses and faculties:Science, Geography, Accounting, Psychology, Economics and Home Science students incur an additional ₦3,750 as Laboratory Charges.
The Faculty of Agriculture, Biological Science, Geography, and History mandates a ₦12,000 field trip fee for levels I, II, and III.
General Studies and Entrepreneurship course fees stand at ₦1,500.
Verification of ‘A’ Level Certificate (Direct Entry students only) is priced at ₦7,000.

Considering the entirety of the fees, new intakes will be looking at a total amount of ₦52,800, while returning students are expected to pay ₦41,050. Additionally, a late registration fee of ₦5,000 is levied on those who miss the initial deadline.

Note to Phone users: for better viewing with a phone, swipe left to see all the details in the table below:
ITEMSNew IntakeReturning StudentMedical Services 3750 3750
Library 3000 3000
ICT Fees 7500 7500
Utility 7500 7500
Sports 1800 1800
ID Cards 2250 Nil
Examination 6000 6000
Faculty Charges 7000 7000
Laboratories See* below See below
Verification of Cert. O’ Level 3500 Nil
Online Registration Fees 1500 1500
Caution Deposit 1500 Nil
Orientation Fees 3000 Nil
Students Handbook 1500 Nil
CBT 3000 3000
Verification of Certificate (D.E Students only) See**** below Nil
Field Trip See** below See below ***
GST/ESP See*** below See below ***
Total Amount ₦52,800 ₦41,050

Please Note:

* Students studying Science, Geography, Accounting, Psychology, Economics, and Home Science are required to pay ₦3,750 as Laboratory Charges.

** Faculty of Agriculture, Biological Science, Geography, and History Departments Students must pay ₦12,000 as field trip charges for Levels I, II, and III.

*** General Studies (GST)/Entrepreneurship (ESP) is ₦1500.

**** Verification of ‘A’ Level Certificate (for D.E Students only) is ₦7000.

Late Registration is charged at ₦5000.
Students Harnessing Charges for 2023/2024

Apart from the basic fees, there are additional charges related to specific academic and administrative services:Inter University Transfer: ₦50,000
Change of Course (Inter Departmental): ₦10,000
Late Registration: ₦5,000
Acceptance Fee: ₦2,000
Change of Programme (Inter Faculty & to 100 Level): ₦20,000
Remarking Fee: ₦5,000
Add and Drop Fee Per Semester: ₦2,000
Collection of Statement of Result: ₦2,000
Academic Transcript (Local) excluding posting: ₦5,000
Collection of Degree Certificate: ₦5,000
Accommodation (new hostel): ₦20,000
Accommodation (Annex hostel): ₦15,000
Collection of Matric Gown: ₦2,000
Convocation Fees: ₦10,000
Jamb Regularization: ₦5,000

This detailed structure ensures transparency between the university administration and the students. Deputy Registrar (Academic), Auwal Namaliya Dachia, has signed off on these charges, reinforcing the authenticity of the details provided.

For students considering Federal University Gashua or those already enrolled, understanding the financial breakdown is key to seamless academic progress. Alw

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