Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Sciences Po 2024-2025


Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Sciences Po 2024-2025

In search of a scholarship that recognises both academic brilliance and leadership potential? Eager to be a catalyst for change in Africa's dynamic landscape? Since 2017, Sciences Po, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, has welcomed students from Sub-Saharan Africa for immersive education in the social sciences. But what does this program entail, and how can you be a part of it? Let’s embark on this enlightening journey.

In recent years, scholarships have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of promising students from diverse backgrounds. One such opportunity that stands out is the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Sciences Po for 2024-2025.
πŸŽ“ Scholarship Full tuition & living costs in France, plus holistic student support during the study period.
🌍 Eligibility Sub-Saharan African, financial need, Bachelor’s degree, aiming for 2-year Master’s at Sciences Po.
🎈 Specialised Support Arrival assistance, housing in Paris, academic guidance & careers help focused on Africa.
🀝 Networking Access to Sciences Po’s business incubator, alumni in Africa, and careers fairs.
πŸ“š Application Ensure eligibility on scholarship website, provide academic, financial & personal details.
πŸ—‚️ Documentation Recommendation from current university, proof of financial circumstances, views on African issues.
πŸ“… Key Dates Eligibility by Nov 26, 2023. Application to Sciences Po by Dec 3, 2023.
πŸ”— More Info Visit MCFSP at Sciences Po for comprehensive details.

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Empowering African Visionaries for Tomorrow

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarships are an embodiment of the organisation’s commitment to empower academically excellent students who demonstrate significant leadership potential. Yet, many of these promising individuals face economic challenges, inhibiting them from accessing higher education. This scholarship programme shines a light on those who are determined to usher in transformative change, especially in the realms of public policy and pivotal political, environmental, and societal shifts.

Sciences Po, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, offers a beacon of hope for such visionary students. With a rich history dating back to 2017, Sciences Po proudly stands among an elite group of European universities, alongside the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh. The collaboration has so far opened the doors of opportunity to 138 students from Sub-Saharan Africa. Their primary mission? To foster a new era of change-makers committed to positive evolution within their home nations.
A Comprehensive Scholarship Programme

Full tuition coverage and living expenses in France are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this scholarship. Sciences Po ensures a holistic educational journey by providing:Pre-departure support and a dedicated arrival programme.
Exclusive housing facilities in Paris for scholarship recipients.
Tailored assistance throughout the academic journey, ensuring an enriching experience at Sciences Po.
Comprehensive careers support, including access to Africa-focused career fairs, the university’s business incubator, and an expansive network of employers and alumni working within Africa.
A unique mentoring programme in collaboration with the Africa Division of Sciences Po Alumni.
A plethora of resources, designed to guide students at every academic juncture.
Eligibility Criteria: Are You the Perfect Fit?

To be considered for the Mastercard Foundation scholarship, prospective students should:Hold citizenship from a Sub-Saharan African country.
Show a tenacious commitment to effecting change within Africa, particularly in areas of public policy and major socio-political and environmental transformations.
Exhibit a pressing need for financial support in accessing higher education.
Secure a recommendation from their university.
Hold, at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree by the upcoming academic year.
Apply specifically for a two-year Master’s programme within one of Sciences Po’s seven Graduate Schools. Note: Other programme formats are exempt from this scholarship.
Display proficiency in French or English, in alignment with the chosen programme’s language requirement.
Be devoid of any prior Master’s qualification.
Be under the age of 35 by the commencement of the graduate academic year.
Embarking on the Application Journey

Before diving into the application, it’s paramount to check eligibility on the scholarship website. Successful preliminary checks will absolve applicants from any processing fees when applying to Sciences Po.

The application requires:Essential personal details.
A heartfelt recommendation letter from an academic advisor at the applicant’s current university.
Comprehensive evidence of one’s financial situation.
Detailed academic and extra-curricular achievements.
A thoughtfully crafted statement encapsulating the applicant’s perspectives on Africa-centric challenges and their vision for transformative change.

Prospective scholars should mark November 26, 2023, in their calendars. This deadline is crucial for obtaining the scholarship eligibility nod and for ensuring the processing fee for the Sciences Po application is waived. The final deadline for the Sciences Po application is December 3, 2023.

For a deeper dive into this golden opportunity, visit MCFSP at Sciences Po.

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