CCU JUPEB Admission: Skip JAMB and Dive into 200 Level!


CCU JUPEB Admission: Skip JAMB and Dive into 200 Level!

Missed the JAMB and wondering what's next? What if you could leap into 200 Level at your chosen university without it? Coal City University's JUPEB programme promises just that, offering a direct entry pathway to university education. Are you ready to seize this opportunity and join the ranks of CCU's successful JUPEB candidates?

Are you seeking a university admission but daunted by the JAMB hurdle? Coal City University (CCU), Enugu, presents a seamless alternative with its Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) programme. This initiative is tailored for individuals like you, aspiring to continue higher education without the JAMB prerequisite.
Admission Open πŸš€ CCU JUPEB programme is accepting candidates
Bypass JAMB ✖️ Direct entry to 200 Level without JAMB
Programme Duration ⏳ JUPEB lasts one year
National Recognition πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Recognised by National Universities Commission, Nigeria
Direct Entry πŸŽ’ Gain admission into most Nigerian universities
Apply Now πŸ“ Applications are currently open
Contact Info ☎️ Available via email and phone
CCU’s Commitment 🌍 Bridging the gap to higher education globally

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What is JUPEB at CCU?

JUPEB stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board, an advanced-level programme that lasts for one year. Recognised by the National Universities Commission in Nigeria, JUPEB serves as a robust springboard for gaining direct entry admission into the 200 level in most universities within Nigeria.
Bypassing JAMB with Ease

CCU’s JUPEB programme is crafted to ensure that the lack of a JAMB result is no longer an obstacle in your educational journey. It offers a unique opportunity to join your peers in the 200 level directly in the following academic year at any university of your choice.
How to Take Advantage of CCU’s JUPEB Admission

CCU has streamlined the application process to be straightforward and user-friendly:Visit the dedicated portal at CCU JUPEB Portal
You can reach out via email at [email protected]
Alternatively, contact CCU on 08115757998
For more information, ensure to check out Coal City University’s official website.

Applying now sets you on a path that could circumvent the traditional entry methods, placing you directly into the heart of university education with less stress.

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