Nalafem and Mexoxo's Take The Lead Program for Aspiring Young Women


Nalafem and Mexoxo's Take The Lead Program for Aspiring Young Women

Are you a young woman from Kenya or Nigeria dreaming of honing your leadership and entrepreneurial skills? Nalafem's collaboration with Mexoxo and eCornell University presents the 'Take The Lead Program', an exceptional opportunity to transform your aspirations into reality. Why not seize this chance to enrich your career with 20 hours of top-tier online courses in leadership, time management, and more?

In an inspiring collaboration with Mexoxo, an opportunity has been created to train 20,000 young women from Nigeria and Kenya in a specialized eCornell ‘Take The Lead’ course. This program is a beacon of empowerment, offering a pathway for young African women to acquire vital leadership skills. These skills are crucial in driving community initiatives, creating job opportunities, revitalizing economies, and enhancing community welfare.
🌍 Target Audience 20,000 young women from Kenya and Nigeria
πŸ’Ό Program Name Take The Lead Program
πŸŽ“ Course Provider eCornell University
πŸ’‘ Course Focus Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Time Management, Career Exploration
πŸ•’ Course Duration 20 hours online
🎯 Purpose Prepare for education, employment, civic involvement
πŸ—“️ Application Deadline January 20, 2024
πŸ“ˆ Career Enhancement Skills for post-secondary education and employment

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Empowering Course Content
Comprehensive Online Learning Experience

Participants in the ‘Take The Lead’ program will embark on an enriching journey of nearly 20 hours of online courses, facilitated by eCornell. This educational endeavour focuses on essential skills for today’s dynamic world:Leadership: Cultivating strong leadership abilities to guide community projects.
Entrepreneurship: Gaining insights into starting and managing impactful ventures.
Time Management: Mastering efficient time management to juggle various responsibilities.
Career Exploration: Exploring diverse career options and preparing for the workforce.
Program BenefitsIvy League Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded an Ivy League Certificate, a testament to their newly acquired skills and knowledge.
Skill Enhancement: The course content is specifically designed to prepare you for higher education, employment, and active civic participation.
Eligibility and Application Details for Nalafem-eCornell Take The Lead ProgramWho Can Apply: This program is ideal for Nigerian or Kenyan women under the age of 40, looking to enhance their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
Requirements: Access to the internet and a digital device is necessary to participate in this online program.
Registration Deadline: Don’t miss the deadline for registration – January 20, 2024.

To register or find out more about this exceptional opportunity, visit the Official Webpage of the Nalafem-eCornell Take The Lead Course.

This course is more than just an educational program; it is a step towards shaping your future and the future of your community. If you meet the criteria and are driven to make a difference, the eCornell ‘Take The Lead’ course is tailor-made for you. Register now and start your journey towards becoming a leader who can inspire and enact positive change!
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