Nekede Poly Academic Calendar 2022/2023


Nekede Poly Academic Calendar 2022/2023

The academic calendar for the 1st and 2nd semester of the 2022/2023 academic session has been released by the management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri (FPNO).

The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri (FPNO) has announced the academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session, outlining the schedule of events for both the first and second semesters. The calendar provides a comprehensive plan of the academic activities for the session, including the start and end dates for lectures, examinations, breaks, and other events.

Nekede Poly Academic Calendar

According to the released academic calendar, the 2022/2023 academic session is scheduled to commence with the first semester on Sunday 5th February 2023, with the arrival of students, and lectures will begin on Monday 6th February 2023, for old students. Registration for new students will also commence on the same day. Lectures for new students will commence on Wednesday 22nd February 2023, while the election break will begin on Tuesday 14th March 2023 and last for three weeks.

The academic activities for the first semester will resume on Wednesday 15th March 2023. Matriculation of newly admitted students will take place on Thursday 13th April 2023. The first semester examination is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 7th June 2023 and end on Tuesday 27th June 2023. After the examination, there will be a one-week revision from Wednesday 31st May 2023 to Tuesday 6th June 2023.

The first semester break is expected to begin on Wednesday 28th June 2023, and end on Saturday 1st July 2023. The second semester is set to commence on Sunday 2nd July 2023, with lectures beginning on Monday 3rd July 2023. The Students’ Union Week will begin on Tuesday 15th August 2023, and the SUG Election will hold on Wednesday 23rd August 2023. The second semester lecture activities will end on Monday 25th September 2023, while the examination will begin on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, and end on Monday 23rd October 2023.

Finally, the second semester break will commence on Tuesday 24th October 2023, and end on Saturday 25th November 2023, while the 2023/2024 first semester is scheduled to commence on Saturday 26th November 2023. The release of this academic calendar will enable students, lecturers, and other stakeholders to plan their schedules accordingly and ensure a smooth academic session.
2022/2023 FIRST SEMESTERSunday 5th February, 2023 2022/2023 First Semester begins
Sunday 5th February, 2023 Arrival of students
Monday 6th February, 2023 Registration of new students Begins
Monday 6th February, 2023 Lectures Begin for old students
Thursday 16th February, 2023
Wednesday 22nd February, 2023 Lectures Begin for new students
Tuesday 14th March, 2023 Election Break (3 weeks)
Wednesday 15th March, 2023 Resumption of lectures
Thursday 13th April, 2023 Matriculation
Tuesday 30th May, 2023 Lectures end
Wednesday 31st May, 2023 Revision starts
Tuesday 6th June, 2023 Revision Ends
Wednesday 7th June, 2023 First Semester Exam begins
Tuesday 27th June, 2023 First Semester Exam ends
Wednesday 28th June, 2023 First Semester Break Begins
Saturday 1st July, 2023 First Semester Break Ends

2022/2023 SECOND SEMESTERSunday 2nd July, 2023 Second Semester begins
Monday 3rd July, 2023 Lectures begin
Thursday 20th July, 2023 (Convocation Tentative)
Tuesday 15th August, 2023 Students’ Union Week begins
Thursday 17th August, 2023 Students’ Union Weekends
Tuesday 22nd August, 2023 SUG Manifesto (begins at 12 noon)
Wednesday 23rd August, 2023 SUG Election
Monday 25th September, 2023 Lectures end
Tucsday 26th September, 2023 Revision begins
Monday 2nd October. 2023 Revision ends
Tuesday 3rd October, 2023 Second Semester Exam begins
Monday 23rd October, 2023 Second Semester Exam ends
Tuesday 24th October, 2023 Second Semester break begins
Saturday 25th November, 2023 Second Semester Break ends
Saturday 26th November, 2023 2023/2024 First Semester begins

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