LASU-DSDE and Karis and Eleos Foundation: Empowering 1000 Students with Essential Skills


LASU-DSDE and Karis and Eleos Foundation: Empowering 1000 Students with Essential Skills

Are you among the one thousand students at Lagos State University poised to embark on a transformative journey of skill acquisition? Picture this: a day brimming with learning essential life and business skills from financial literacy to effective networking. How would mastering these skills at the Buba Marwa Auditorium, under the guidance of LASU-DSDE and Karis and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation, reshape your future? Isn't this an opportunity to catapult your career and personal growth to new heights?

In a significant initiative to foster skill development among its students, Lagos State University (LASU) has joined hands with Karis and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation to conduct an extensive one-day training programme. This event, aimed at equipping One Thousand (1000) LASU students with essential business and life skills, underscores the commitment of both institutions to nurturing well-rounded, future-ready individuals.

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What the Training Entails

The programme is designed to impart knowledge and skills that are crucial in the modern business world. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about:Financial Literacy: Understanding the fundamentals of managing finances, an essential skill for personal and professional growth.
CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Master-Class: Crafting a professional CV and optimising LinkedIn profiles to stand out in the job market.
Project Management: Gaining insights into effective project planning and execution.
Sales Skills: Developing techniques to excel in sales roles.
Negotiation Skills: Learning the art of negotiation in various professional scenarios.
Interaction and Networking: Enhancing interpersonal skills and building a professional network.
About Karis and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation

Karis and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Lagos State. The foundation primarily focuses on empowering and enlightening women and girls, especially those in rural communities with limited access to life-transforming opportunities. They are dedicated to eradicating poverty and gender inequality through empowerment and quality education.
Event DetailsDate: Tuesday, 13th February 2024
Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: Buba Marwa Auditorium, Main Campus, Ojo, Lagos
How to Register

Interested LASU students can register for this invaluable training session by visiting the official registration link.

In Conclusion

This training programme represents a unique opportunity for LASU students to acquire vital skills that will significantly enhance their personal and professional capabilities. By participating in this event, students can set the foundation for a successful career and contribute meaningfully to society. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn, grow, and network with peers and professionals. Register now to be part of this transformative experience.

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