Nigeria Prize for Science — Win $100,000 with Your Climate Change Innovation


Nigeria Prize for Science — Win $100,000 with Your Climate Change Innovation

Are you at the forefront of scientific innovation, especially in the crucial battle against climate change? The Nigeria Prize for Science, with a generous award of USD 100,000, recognises extraordinary scientific achievements. If you're a scientist or innovator with groundbreaking solutions to mitigate climate change, this is your chance to shine globally. Have you developed technologies or methodologies that could significantly impact our world?

In the realm of scientific achievement, the Nigeria Prize for Science stands as a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path for innovators and scientists across the globe. Established by Nigeria LNG Limited in 2004, this prestigious prize not only celebrates scientific breakthroughs but also actively contributes to constructing a brighter future for Nigeria. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with detailed insights into the 2024 edition of the Nigeria Prize for Science, empowering you with the knowledge and guidelines to potentially become the next esteemed awardee.
🌍 Theme Climate Change Innovations
💰 Prize Value USD100,000
🌟 Sponsor Nigeria LNG Limited
🏆 Eligibility Open to global scientists and innovators
🔬 Scope Health challenges, healthcare technology, climate solutions
📅 Deadline 30th April 2024; Midnight GMT
🎓 Advisory Board Prof. Barth Nnaji, Dr. Nike Akande, Prof. Baba Yusuf Abubakar
📣 Announcement Winners announced in September, presented in October 2024

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A Glimpse into the Prestigious Nigeria Prize for Science
Background and Vision

The Nigeria Prize for Science, sponsored by Nigeria LNG Limited, epitomizes the zenith of scientific recognition in Africa. Alongside its sister awards, The Nigeria Prize for Literature and The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism, it forms a triad of prestigious awards. Each year, the Nigeria Prize for Science, with its generous USD100,000 award, honours outstanding scientific achievements that align with the vision of fostering a better Nigeria.
The 2024 Theme: Tackling Climate Change

The focus for 2024 zeroes in on “Innovations and Technologies for Reducing the Effects of Climate Change”. This theme underscores the urgency and importance of scientific endeavours in combating one of the most pressing global challenges. Your entry should offer a novel solution, technological advancement, or innovation addressing this issue.
The Legacy of the Prize

Past themes have ranged from Innovations in Malaria Control (2017) to Innovations in Sustainable Food Security (2022), each reflecting a critical area of need and progress. Winners of this award have significantly contributed to advancing knowledge and providing innovative technologies relevant to Nigeria and the world at large.

Eligibility and Criteria for Entry
Who Can Apply?

This opportunity is open to both Nigerians and international participants, expanding its reach to global innovators and scientists. It’s crucial that your work applies science to enhance healthcare therapy in a novel way.
ExclusionsMembers of the Advisory Board, Panel of Judges, and their relatives are excluded during and a year after their service.
Nigeria LNG Limited employees and their families are ineligible for five years post-service.
What Qualifies Your Entry?

Your submission should be a completed work of outstanding merit, advancing knowledge or providing innovative climate change solutions. Proof of concept or tangible societal impact is vital. Remember, only one entry per individual or group is permitted.
The Advisory Board

Chaired by Professor Barth Nnaji, with esteemed members Dr. Nike Akande and Professor Baba Yusuf Abubakar, the Advisory Board ensures the integrity and excellence of the selection process.
Prize Details

The winner(s) will be honoured with an impressive USD100,000 award, a testament to the significance of their scientific contribution.
Key DatesApplication Closing Date: 30th April 2024; Midnight GMT
Winner Announcement: September 2024
Award Presentation: October 2024
How to Apply for Nigeria Prize for Science

Interested candidates should apply online at the Nigeria Prizes website. Adhere to the deadline as late entries won’t be considered.

The Nigeria Prize for Science 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity for scientists and innovators to showcase their work on a global stage. By focusing on the pivotal theme of climate change, this prize not only rewards scientific excellence but also drives meaningful change. If you believe your work can make a difference, this is your chance to shine on a prestigious platform. Remember, the closing date for applications is 30th April 2024. Your scientific journey could lead to not only global recognition but also a substantial contribution to a better world.
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