DSMT First Semester Examination Dates 2023/2024 - Get Ready to Ace It!


DSMT First Semester Examination Dates 2023/2024 - Get Ready to Ace It!

Are you a student at the Delta State School of Marine Technology (DSMT), ready to dive into your examinations? The anticipation for the 2023/2024 first semester exams is finally over, as the Rector, Prof. James Okoro, announces the official dates. From the starting bell on 8th April to the finishing line on 19th April 2024, are you prepped and primed for the academic challenge ahead?

The Delta State School of Marine Technology (DSMT) examination timetable for the first semester of the 2023/2024 academic session has been officially released. This announcement, made by the esteemed Rector, Prof. James Okoro, after thorough consultations with the management team, marks a crucial phase for students enrolled in the National Diploma (ND) programmes at the DSMT, Burutu.
πŸ“… Exam Start 8th April 2024
🏁 Exam End 19th April 2024
πŸŽ“ ND Levels ND 1 & 2
πŸ“š Session 2023/2024 First Semester
🏫 Location Delta State School of Marine Tech
πŸ“– Rector Prof. James Okoro
πŸ•’ Duration 12 Days
πŸ› ️ Preparation Advised for all students

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Examination Schedule Details

The academic board has set the following dates for the first semester examinations:Commencement Date: Monday, 8th April, 2024
Conclusion Date: Friday, 19th April, 2024

During this period, students in both ND 1 and ND 2 will undertake their examinations, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey for the year.
Preparation Tips

With the examination dates now confirmed, students are encouraged to intensify their preparation efforts. Here are a few tips to help you prepare effectively:Review Past Materials: Revisit your notes, textbooks, and any relevant materials covered during the semester.
Practice Past Questions: Engage with past examination questions to familiarise yourself with the format and type of questions you might encounter.
Form Study Groups: Collaborating with peers can provide mutual support and clarify any doubts or complex topics.
Manage Your Time Wisely: Allocate sufficient time for each subject, ensuring a balanced preparation across all areas.
Seek Clarification: Don’t hesitate to reach out to your lecturers or tutors if you have any questions or need further explanation on certain topics.


The announcement of the first semester examination dates is a pivotal moment for all DSMT students, signifying the culmination of months of learning and preparation. By adhering to the outlined schedule and employing effective study strategies, students can approach their exams with confidence and aim for success. Remember, preparation is key, and now is the time to focus, review, and prepare diligently for the challenges ahead. Best of luck to all DSMT students as you prepare to excel in your upcoming examinations.

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