LASU Bio-Data Submission for Graduation Certificates


LASU Bio-Data Submission for Graduation Certificates

Are you a soon-to-be graduate of Lagos State University (LASU) from the 2022/2023 academic year? If yes, then there's an essential step you must not miss to ensure your graduation is as seamless as you've dreamt it to be. Have you uploaded your bio-data for your certificate production yet? The clock is ticking towards the 27th Convocation Ceremonies, and here's how you can ensure your certificate is ready and waiting for you.

Attention all 2022/2023 graduating students of Lagos State University (LASU)! The Examination and Records Division is delighted to announce that preparations are well underway for the production of certificates. This initiative is aimed at ensuring that you, the esteemed graduates, can collect your certificates immediately following the 27th Convocation Ceremonies, scheduled between May and June 2024.
University 🏛 Lagos State University (LASU)
Academic Year 📚 2022/2023
Event 🎓 27th Convocation Ceremonies
Action Required ✅ Submit Bio-Data Forms
Submission Deadline 🗓 Friday, 22nd March 2024
Submission Method 🔗 Online Upload & Faculty Office
Required Documents 📄 Academic Profile, Bio-Data Form, Passport Photograph
Convocation Date 📅 May – June 2024

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Why This Matters

Receiving your certificate promptly after graduation is crucial. It signifies the culmination of your hard work and dedication throughout your academic journey at LASU. This document is not only a testament to your achievements but also a vital tool as you embark on your future career or further studies.
Your Role in the Process

To facilitate this seamless production of certificates, your cooperation is essential. You are required to upload your information to generate bio-data crucial for the creation of your certificates. This process is crucial for the timely production of certificates, especially considering the large number of students graduating.
How to Submit Your InformationVisit the LASU Graduates Certificate Production Page.
Follow the instructions to upload your details accurately.
This process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring you can complete it without any hassle.
Documents Required

You will need to submit the following documents to your respective faculty offices:A copy of your online academic profile.
A copy of the duly completed online bio-data form.
A passport photograph with a white background attached to the bio-data form.
Deadline for Submission

The deadline for the submission of these documents is Friday, 22nd March 2024, by close of work. It is imperative to adhere to this deadline to avoid any delays in the production of your certificate.
Next Steps for Faculties

Faculties are tasked with collating these documents and forwarding them to the Examination and Records Division for the processing of certificates. This collaborative effort is key to ensuring the success of this initiative.

Final Thoughts

As a graduating student, the prompt submission of your bio-data and required documents is a critical step in the journey towards your convocation. The university is committed to providing you with your certificate swiftly post-graduation, marking a significant milestone in your academic and professional journey.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this streamlined process. Ensure you submit your documents by the 22nd March 2024 deadline. Here’s to a successful end to your studies and the start of a new chapter with your LASU certificate in hand!

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