Vacancy Announcement: Vice Chancellor at LAUTECH


Vacancy Announcement: Vice Chancellor at LAUTECH

Are you poised to shape the future of higher education in Nigeria? The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), a beacon of academic excellence in Oyo State, seeks a visionary leader as its next Vice Chancellor. With the position now open, discover how your expertise and leadership can drive LAUTECH towards unprecedented heights in innovation, learning, and research. Could you be the transformative force LAUTECH eagerly anticipates?

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria, has officially opened the application process for the distinguished position of Vice Chancellor. This pivotal role not only represents the pinnacle of academic leadership but also symbolizes the heartbeat of the university’s mission, embodying the essence of educational excellence and administrative acumen. With the vacancy arising on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, LAUTECH invites applications from individuals who exemplify scholarly distinction, visionary leadership, and an unblemished reputation to steer the university towards unprecedented heights of academic and administrative success.
🏛 Position Vice Chancellor
🎯 Role Chief Executive and Academic Head
📅 Tenure 5 Years, Non-renewable
📍 Location Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria
📚 Experience Minimum 10 Years as Professor
🌟 Skills Leadership, Academic Excellence, ICT Literacy
📈 Vision Required (5000-10000 words on university’s future)
📝 Application 35 Copies + Electronic Submission

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Understanding the Role of the Vice Chancellor
The Office and Its Responsibilities

At the core of LAUTECH’s ethos, the Vice Chancellor serves as the Chief Executive and Academic Head, a role that demands not just an adherence to the university’s foundational laws but also a proactive stance in promoting its educational mission. The successful candidate will be the principal driver of protocol, external relations, and the seamless coordination of the university‘s internal organs, ensuring the effective day-to-day management and the realisation of LAUTECH’s objectives. This high office demands an individual capable of exercising general superintendence, maintaining the institution’s esteemed image, and fostering an environment conducive to academic and non-academic excellence.
Expectations and Accountability

The Vice Chancellor’s position is one of both honour and immense responsibility, accountable directly to the Governing Council for the management of the university’s vast resources. The role necessitates a leader adept at motivating and inspiring a diverse academic community towards achieving the university’s goals. As the Chairman of the Senate, Congregation, and an ex-officio member of various academic and administrative bodies, the Vice Chancellor’s influence spans the entire university landscape.
Tenure and Terms of Appointment

The appointed Vice Chancellor will serve a singular term of five years, a tenure reflecting the university’s commitment to dynamic leadership and continuous innovation. The terms of service, encapsulated in a formal contract, align with the standards applicable to similar roles in Nigerian Federal and State Universities, as determined by the Oyo State Government and the Governing Council.

The Ideal Candidate
Qualifications and Attributes

LAUTECH seeks a candidate of exceptional academic standing and administrative prowess, specifically:A professor for a minimum of ten years, demonstrating academic leadership and commanding respect both nationally and internationally.
A record of impeccable integrity and character, free from any form of scandal or indictment.
Proven administrative leadership and an ability to foster a collaborative university community.
Visionary thinking, particularly under financial constraints, with a clear strategy for developing a first-class university.
High-level ICT literacy and an ability to attract significant grants are essential.
Health and Age Considerations

Candidates must enjoy excellent physical and mental health and shall not be above sixty-five (65) years of age at the time of assuming office.
Application Process
Submission Requirements

Interested applicants are to submit detailed applications, including a comprehensive curriculum vitae and a visionary statement for the university. This statement should articulate a forward-looking vision for LAUTECH, spanning five thousand to ten thousand words. Additionally, applicants must ensure the inclusion of relevant personal, educational, and professional details as specified in the vacancy announcement.
Referee Reports

A pivotal aspect of the application is the submission of confidential reports from three referees, directly forwarded to the Registrar. These reports are critical to assessing the candidate’s suitability in terms of character, academic, and managerial competencies.
Deadline and Submission Details

Applications, both in hard copy and electronic format, must be submitted within six weeks from the announcement date. The process outlined ensures a comprehensive evaluation of each candidate’s potential to contribute to LAUTECH’s legacy of educational excellence.


The search for a new Vice Chancellor is a significant milestone in LAUTECH’s journey towards achieving its vision of academic and research preeminence. It presents a unique opportunity for distinguished academics to contribute to shaping the future of one of Nigeria’s leading universities. With a clear emphasis on integrity, academic excellence, and visionary leadership, LAUTECH looks forward to welcoming a new Vice Chancellor who will lead the institution into a new era of innovation and success.

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