Easter and Eid-id-fitri 2024: Kogi State University’s Festive Break Details


Easter and Eid-id-fitri 2024: Kogi State University’s Festive Break Details

Ever wondered how the fusion of cultural and religious festivities can transform an academic calendar? Kogi State University, Kabba (KSUK), takes the spotlight as it announces an extensive Easter and Eid-id-fitri celebrations break for its students. But what does this mean for the university community and the students' academic journey? Let’s dive into the details that make this break not just a holiday, but a significant academic and cultural milestone.

The Kogi State University, Kabba (KSUK), announces an official holiday period to accommodate the upcoming Easter and Eid-id-Fitri celebrations, marking a significant moment in the academic calendar for its student community. This period of respite is not just a break from the academic rigour but also an opportunity for students to engage in cultural and religious festivities, reflecting the diverse and inclusive spirit of the university.
📅 Dates 25th Mar – 13th Apr 2024
🎉 Event Easter & Eid-id-fitri Break
🏫 Institution Kogi State University, Kabba
🚶‍♂️ Resumption Monday, 15th April 2024
📚 Revision Starts on Resumption
💳 Fees Must be Paid for Exam Eligibility
📖 Exams Post-Break Registration Required
🎈 Wishes Joyful Celebrations from VC

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Holiday Announcement

In a notable communication from the office of the Vice Chancellor, it has been declared that the university will observe a holiday from Monday, 25th March to Saturday, 13th April 2024. This decision allows students from various backgrounds to celebrate the Easter and Eid-id-Fitri festivities, underscoring the institution’s commitment to recognising and honouring different cultural and religious traditions.
Important Dates to RememberHoliday Period: Monday, 25th March – Saturday, 13th April 2024
Resumption for Revision Classes: Monday, 15th April 2024

This structured break not only accommodates the celebrations but also ensures that students return in time to prepare adequately for their semester examinations.
What This Means for Students

All students are encouraged to make the most of this break by spending time with family and friends, engaging in meaningful cultural practices, and recharging before the academic demands resume. It’s a time for reflection, celebration, and preparation.
Registration and Examination Eligibility

A crucial reminder for all students is that eligibility to sit for semester examinations is contingent upon the up-to-date payment of fees. This policy underscores the importance of fulfilling financial obligations towards the university, ensuring a smooth transition back into academic activities and examinations.
A Message from the Vice Chancellor

On behalf of the Vice Chancellor, the university extends heartfelt wishes to all students for a joyous and fulfilling celebration period. This gesture reinforces the university’s supportive and student-centric approach, highlighting the importance of well-being and community spirit among its students.

In Summary

The designated break by Kogi State University, Kabba, for Easter and Eid-id-Fitri celebrations is a thoughtful acknowledgment of the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of its student body. It is an opportunity for students to engage with their communities, observe traditions, and prepare for the challenges ahead with renewed energy and focus.

As you plan for this break, remember the significance of this period not just for relaxation but also for cultural immersion and academic preparation. Embrace this time to rejuvenate, celebrate, and connect with your roots, setting the stage for a productive and enriching academic journey ahead.

The university community looks forward to welcoming students back, ready to tackle the demands of the semester with vigour and enthusiasm. Here’s to a memorable celebration and a successful academic session ahead!

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