KPMG Global Internship Program 2024: Kickstart Your International Career


KPMG Global Internship Program 2024: Kickstart Your International Career

Dreaming of igniting your global career with an experience that transcends borders? The KPMG Global Internship Program (GIP) for 2024 offers an unparalleled opportunity for students like you, who are eager to dive into the world of international business through a dynamic four-week rotation abroad.

The KPMG Global Internship Program (GIP) 2024 is now welcoming applications from ambitious students eager to leap into a global career through an exceptional four-week rotation abroad. Unlike any ordinary internship, the KPMG GIP offers more than just a glimpse into the world of international business; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to propel your professional journey forward, allowing you to work alongside KPMG’s brightest in a country different from your own.
🌍 Program KPMG Global Internship Program (GIP) 2024
📅 Duration 4 Weeks
🎓 Eligibility Accepted KPMG Interns
🛠️ Experience Client Engagement, Mentoring, Training
🌐 International Work Abroad Opportunity
💼 Support Visa, Flight, Lodging Coverage
📈 Development Performance Manager, Mentor
📆 Deadline Varies

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What Sets the KPMG GIP Apart?

A Deep Dive into Global Business Practices:

This program isn’t about shadowing or taking a break; it’s a fully immersive experience. Selected interns who have already secured an internship position with KPMG in their home country get the unique chance to expand their horizons by being part of client engagement teams abroad. You’ll engage in real projects, offering insights and contributing to outcomes that matter.

Building International Networks:

One of the unparalleled advantages of participating in the KPMG GIP is the vast network of international contacts you’ll build. These connections are invaluable, providing mentorship and insights into global business customs and practices long after the internship concludes.

Living the International Professional Life:

Immersing yourself in a foreign work environment is unmatched. KPMG understands that firsthand global experience enriches your professional capabilities and broadens your cultural understanding, making you a more versatile asset from the start.
The Benefits of Joining the KPMG GIP

Selected participants of the GIP will receive extensive support to ensure a fruitful and hassle-free experience, including:Visa, Flight, and Lodging Support: KPMG’s Global Mobility team will cover essential costs and support you through the logistical aspects of your international rotation.
Guidance and Mentorship: Each intern will be paired with a performance manager and a mentor, dedicated to providing the necessary resources, support, and guidance to reach both professional and personal milestones.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility Criteria:

The GIP is open to students who have already embraced an internship offer with KPMG in their home country and are looking to amplify their experience on a global scale.
How to Apply

The application process is tailored to each country, reflecting KPMG’s global reach and the individuality of each local firm. To apply, reach out directly to your home member firm for specific instructions and requirements.

Application Deadline:

Please note that the application deadlines vary by country. It’s crucial to inquire with your local KPMG firm to ensure you meet the application timeline.

For additional information about the KPMG Global Internship Program and to kickstart your application, visit the KPMG Global Internship Program webpage.

The KPMG GIP is more than an internship; it’s a launchpad for your global career. By offering real-world experience, invaluable networking opportunities, and comprehensive support, KPMG is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of global business leaders. If you’re prepared to take your career to the international stage, the KPMG Global Internship Program 2024 awaits.

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