Federal University Lafia (FULAFIA) Postgraduate Courses


Federal University Lafia (FULAFIA) Postgraduate Courses

Considering an advanced degree to boost your career? The Federal University of Lafia has unveiled a selection of enriching postgraduate courses for the 2022/2023 academic session, from Philosophy to Financial Economics, appealing to a wide spectrum of interests and professions.

The administrative body of the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) is pleased to publicise its roster of postgraduate programmes for the forthcoming 2022/2023 academic term. The selection incorporates an eclectic range of courses, facilitating academic advancement for postgraduate aspirants.
πŸŽ“ Institution Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA)
πŸ—“️ Year 2022/2023 Academic Session
🎯 Courses Postgraduate Programs
πŸ’» Online PGD, M.A., M.Phil/PhD in various subjects
πŸ›️ Onsite Regular postgraduate courses in Arts and Sciences
🌍 Subjects Ranging from French to Economics
πŸŽ–️ Degrees PGD, M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD
🌟 Variety Includes Professional Ethics, Fine Arts, Diplomacy, Computer Science, and much more

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FULAFIA Online Postgraduate Programmes
Humanities and Social SciencesPGD, M.A., M.Phil/PhD in French: Delve into the intricacies of the French language and culture.
PGD in History (Museum & Hospitality): Engage in specialised studies focusing on museums and the hospitality sector.
Masters in Diplomacy, Security & Strategic Studies (MSS): Equip yourself for global challenges in diplomacy and security.
Doctorate in Diplomacy, Security & Strategic Studies (DSS): Conduct advanced research in diplomacy and security.
Master of Professional Ethics (MPE): Examine the moral dimensions of professional life.
Economics and FinancePGD in Economics (Public Finance): Develop a profound understanding of economics with a focus on public finance.
Masters in Financial Economics (Professional): Hone financial skills relevant to the complexities of modern economies.
Peace and Conflict ResolutionMasters in Peace & Conflict Studies (Professional): Engage with theories and methods for resolving conflicts and promoting peace.
FULAFIA Regular Onsite Postgraduate Programmes
English StudiesM.A., M.Phil/PhD in English Language: Engage in rigorous academic study of English linguistics.
M.A., M.Phil/PhD in English Literature: Analyse various literary works and contribute to existing literature.
History, Art and PhilosophyM.A., M.Phil/PhD in History & International Studies: Discover the complexities of historical narratives and international relations.
M.A., PhD in Theatre & Media Arts: Immerse yourself in the rich world of theatre and media.
PGD, M.A., MPhil/PhD in Philosophy: Investigate the foundational questions of existence, ethics, and meaning.
M.A., M.Phil/PhD in Visual & Creative Arts: Engage deeply with creative processes and visual forms of expression.
Masters in Fine Arts (Art History): Explore the historical contexts of fine arts.
Sciences and TechnologyPGD, M.Sc., PhD in Computer Science: Master the computational skills required in the 21st century.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Chemistry: Investigate chemical processes and their applications.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Mathematics: Enhance your understanding of mathematical theories and their applications.
M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Microbiology: Examine the microscopic organisms that influence our world.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Plant Science & Biotech: Learn about plant biology and biotechnological applications.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Physics: Understand the principles that govern the universe.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Zoology: Explore animal biology and ecology.
Social and Political SciencesM.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Economics: Conduct advanced studies in economic theories and policies.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Sociology: Investigate societal structures and their influences.
PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Social Work: Learn professional skills required for effective social work.
M.Sc., M.Phil/PhD in Political Science: Investigate the workings of political systems.
M.Sc. in International Relations & Diplomacy: Understand global politics and diplomatic relations.

In summary, the Federal University of Lafia offers a myriad of postgraduate programmes designed to cater to a broad spectrum of academic interests. With this comprehensive guide, prospective students are better equipped to make informed decisions for their postgraduate studies.

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