ADSU Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Key Dates for Students!


ADSU Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Key Dates for Students!

As a diligent ADSU student, staying ahead with the latest academic calendar is key to planning your year. From the excitement of matriculation to the anticipation of examinations, the ADSU Academic Calendar for 2023/2024 is crucial for your success. Have you checked when lectures commence or how long the semester breaks will be? Read on to get a full grasp of your upcoming academic milestones and prepare accordingly.

In a recent update, the management of Adamawa State University (ADSU) has released the revised academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session. The schedule is comprehensive, covering both the first and second semesters, and is pivotal for students to organise their academic activities efficiently.
πŸ—“️ First Semester Resumption to Exams: 30th Oct 2023 – 16th Mar 2024
πŸ“ Registration Normal: 2 Weeks from 30th Oct, Late: 2 Weeks from 14th Nov
πŸŽ“ Matriculation 1st February 2024, Orientation: 8th February 2024
πŸ“š Lectures 14 Weeks: 6th Nov 2023 – 11th Feb 2024
✍️ Exams 4 Weeks: 19th Feb – 16th Mar 2024
πŸ–️ Semester Break 3 Weeks: 17th Mar – 7th Apr 2024
πŸ“… Second Semester Lectures: 9th Apr – 14th Jul 2024, Exams: 22nd Jul – 17th Aug 2024
πŸ”„ Next Session Resumption: 31st Oct 2024

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Your Academic Itinerary at ADSU
First SemesterRegistration Commences: 30th October 2023, concluding on 13th November 2023.
Late Registration Window: From 14th November 2023 to 27th November 2023.
Commencement of Lectures: A 14-week lecture period starting from 6th November 2023 until 11th February 2024.
End/New Year Break: Scheduled for 19th December 2023, resuming in January 2024, lasting 2 weeks and 2 days.
Matriculation Ceremony: Set for 1st February 2024.
Orientation for New Students: On 8th February 2024.
Revision Period: A week of revision from 12th February 2024 to 18th February 2024.
First Semester Examinations: Spanning four weeks, from 19th February 2024 to 16th March 2024.
First Semester Break: Enjoy a 3-week break starting from 17th March 2024 to 7th April 2024.
Departmental and Faculty Boards: Meet on 3rd April 2024 and 4th April 2024.
Senate Business Committee: Convenes from 5th April 2024 to 10th April 2024.
Extraordinary Senate Meeting: Scheduled for 11th April 2024.
Second SemesterResumption: Mark your calendars for 9th April 2024.
Lectures Begin: A 14-week lecture period commencing on 9th April 2024, ending on 14th July 2024.
Revision and Students’ Week: From 15th July 2024 to 21st July 2024.
Second Semester Examinations: Scheduled for 22nd July 2024 until 17th August 2024.
Second Semester Break: A substantial break from 18th August 2024 to 30th October 2024.
Departmental and Faculty Boards: Gathering on 4th September 2024 and 5th September 2024.
Senate Business Committee: Meeting from 6th September 2024 to 11th September 2024.
Extraordinary Senate Session: On 12th September 2024.
Next Academic Session: The 2024/2025 session begins on 31st October 2024.
Planning Ahead for Success at ADSU

This meticulously crafted academic calendar is your roadmap for the academic year. By staying informed of the key dates and activities, you can plan your study schedules, manage personal commitments, and navigate through the academic milestones with confidence.

Remain Proactive: Keep this calendar as a reference throughout your year to ensure you’re always one step ahead. Balance your academic commitments with personal well-being, knowing that you’re fully aligned with the university’s schedule.

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