LASU Safety Guidelines for Students: Essential Tips & Contacts


LASU Safety Guidelines for Students: Essential Tips & Contacts

As a LASU student, your safety is paramount. But do you know the steps to take to protect yourself in various campus scenarios? The University Senate has set forth a series of guidelines and safety advice. From identity card protocols to travel tips and social media caution, this summary will walk you through the essential measures endorsed by the Senate. Keep reading to stay safe and informed

The Lagos State University (LASU) Senate, in its 305th Statutory Meeting on 28th December 2023, reviewed and endorsed vital safety guidelines for the well-being of its student body. These guidelines, originating from a paper submitted by the Acting Dean of Students Affairs Division, are not new but re-emphasised for strict adherence.
πŸŽ“ Campus ID Carry ID Cards at all times
πŸ‘— Dress Code Adhere to university dress protocols
🌜 Night Reading Arrive early, leave before dark
🚌 Transport Safety Use designated bus stops, verify vehicle IDs
🏠 Hostel Choice Stay in student-populated areas
🚢 Group Travel Avoid walking alone after 8 pm
πŸ•΅️‍♂️ Stay Vigilant Be cautious around specific locations
πŸ—Ί️ Inform Others Share whereabouts with peers, family
πŸ’‘ Well-Lit Areas Stick to these when alone, especially at night
🚫 Stranger Caution Be cautious about accepting lifts
🚫 Personal Info Don’t overshare on social media
πŸ†˜ Emergency Contact LASU Monitor or emergency numbers

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Essential Safety Protocols for LASU Students
Identification and Dress CodeWearing Identity Cards: It’s imperative that you wear your Identity Card at all times within campus premises and carry it with you off-campus.
Adhering to Dress Code: The university’s dress code protocols and regulations must be followed diligently.
Night Reading PrecautionsTimely Arrival and Departure: If you’re utilising campus facilities for night reading, ensure to arrive early and leave before visibility diminishes.
Travel and AccommodationSafe Commuting: When using commercial transport, use only designated bus stops and be cautious about boarding vehicles without clear identification.
Choosing Accommodation: Opt for hostels in areas where fellow students reside for a communal sense of security.
Movement and Group TravelAvoiding Late Night Solitude: Walking alone outside the school gate post-8.00 pm is discouraged. Instead, moving in groups is advisable.
Being Vigilant: Stay alert, especially around areas like First Gate, Agboroko, Iyana School, Alaba Rago, and the LASU Badagry Gate.
Communication and Social Media ConductInforming Peers and Family: Always let someone know of your whereabouts when leaving home or hostels.
Safe Walking Practices: Stick to well-lit areas when walking alone, particularly during the night.
Privacy on Social Media: Exercise caution in sharing personal details such as your home address or phone number online.
Caution with StrangersAccepting Lifts: Be wary of accepting lifts from people you do not know.
In Case of EmergenciesEmergency Contacts: In any urgent situation, you can use the LASU Monitor or contact:Acting Dean, Students Affairs Division: 08023273297
Director, Health Services: 07044453888
Chief Security Officer: 08037161006
Your Safety Is Paramount

The guidelines provided by LASU are formulated with your safety as the highest priority. Abiding by these measures will contribute significantly to ensuring a secure educational environment. Your cooperation and vigilance are essential in maintaining a safe atmosphere within and in the vicinity of the university campuses.

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