Apply Now: PIND Niger Delta Peace Champions 2024 for Youth Leaders


Apply Now: PIND Niger Delta Peace Champions 2024 for Youth Leaders

Are you a young leader residing in Nigeria's Niger Delta, passionate about fostering peace and resolving conflicts within your community? The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) invites you to become a part of the Niger Delta Peace Champions (#NDPeaceChampions) 2024 Program. But what does it take to join, and how can you contribute to sustainable peace in the region?

The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) is calling for proactive and passionate individuals from Nigeria’s Niger Delta region to apply for the Niger Delta Peace Champions (#NDPeaceChampions) 2024 Program. This unique initiative is tailored for young leaders eager to support and enhance peacebuilding infrastructures within their communities, aiming to devise innovative solutions to conflicts and thereby forge a path towards sustainable peace in the region.
Programme πŸš€ Niger Delta Peace Champions (#NDPeaceChampions) 2024
Organizer 🌐 Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)
Region πŸ“ Niger Delta, Nigeria
Age Range πŸ‘₯ 18-35 Years
Training πŸŽ“ Peacebuilding, EWER Training and Workshop
Benefits 🌟 Capacity Building, Network, Mentorship, Peacebuilding Certification
Deadline πŸ—“ 21 February 2024, 5:00 PM WAT

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Addressing the Core of Conflict in the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta has long been marred by violent conflicts that severely hinder peace and development. Recognising this, PIND is dedicated to instilling peacebuilding knowledge and integrating an early warning reporting system among the community’s youths. This approach is designed to foster a proactive response to emerging conflicts through peace messaging, early warning analysis, and mediation, all facilitated by local stakeholders and partners.
Program Goals and Offerings

The #NDPeaceChampions program seeks to broaden PIND’s network of peacebuilders by enhancing their skills in peacebuilding practices and processes. This initiative will empower participants to effectively contribute to PIND’s Early Warning and Early Response (EWER) system. Key highlights include:Capacity Building: Participants will receive training in peacebuilding, conflict early warning, and early response mechanisms.
Networking: Join a vibrant network of young leaders committed to reshaping the narrative around peace and conflict resolution.
Mentorship: Gain mentorship opportunities aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities and career development.
Workshop Participation: Enjoy all-expense-paid participation in a comprehensive 2-day peacebuilding and EWER training and workshop.
Certification: Earn a peacebuilding certification upon completion of the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should meet the following requirements:Residency within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
Aged between 18 and 35 years.
Available for two virtual sessions and one physical training session between February and November 2024.
Demonstrated motivation and passion for contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in any capacity.
Possess a viable idea for a peacebuilding intervention applicable to their local community.
Application Process

The application window is open until Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 5:00 PM WAT. Prospective participants are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to ensure consideration.

To apply, please click here.

For additional information about the Niger Delta Peace Champions program and other initiatives by PIND, visit Niger Delta Peace Champions.


The Niger Delta Peace Champions 2024 Program represents a pivotal opportunity for young leaders in the Niger Delta to be at the forefront of peacebuilding efforts in the region. By participating in this program, you will not only contribute to creating a more peaceful Niger Delta but also gain invaluable skills and connections that will aid in your personal and professional development. If you are committed to making a difference and meet the eligibility criteria, don’t hesitate to apply. Join us in this endeavour to foster a peaceful and prosperous future for the Niger Delta and beyond.
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