Join the Screening Session for Khadija University Majia Scholarship Winners 2023/24


Join the Screening Session for Khadija University Majia Scholarship Winners 2023/24

Are you among the eager candidates awaiting the outcome of the Khadija University Majia scholarship application for the 2023/2024 academic year? The wait is over as the university has announced the list of successful applicants, inviting them to the next crucial step: the scholarship screening session. This is your moment to shine and prove your potential to be part of this prestigious institution.

Khadija University Majia takes immense pleasure in announcing the release of the list of successful applicants for the 2023/2024 scholarship programme. This announcement marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering academic excellence and providing support to talented students. As part of the university’s rigorous selection process, we are moving forward to the next crucial phase, inviting these successful candidates to partake in a scholarship screening session. This session is a pivotal step in assessing the candidates’ qualifications, potential, and their alignment with the core values of our esteemed institution.
πŸ“… Date 20th February 2024
πŸ•š Time 11:00 am
πŸ“ Venue Auditorium, Khadija University Majia
πŸŽ“ Event Scholarship Screening Session
πŸ“œ Purpose Credentials Verification
🏫 For Successful Scholarship Applicants
πŸ“Œ Note Bring Credentials for Verification

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Scholarship Screening Session Details
Date and Time

The scholarship screening is scheduled to take place on 20th February 2024, commencing at 11:00 am.

The session will be held in the Auditorium at Khadija University Majia, a conducive environment for both the applicants and the screening committee.
What to Bring

All successful applicants are required to bring along their credentials for physical verification. This is a critical part of the screening process, as it allows the university to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the applicants.
Why This Screening Session Matters

The screening session is not just a procedural step but a gateway to numerous opportunities that the scholarship at Khadija University Majia offers. It is an opportunity for successful applicants to demonstrate their potential and how they can contribute to and benefit from the university’s vibrant academic community. Additionally, it underscores the university’s dedication to upholding high standards of excellence and integrity in its scholarship programme.

Next Steps for Successful Applicants

If you have been named as a successful applicant, it is imperative that you prepare adequately for the screening session. Ensure that all necessary documents and credentials are in order, and familiarise yourself with the university’s core values and academic offerings. This preparation will not only facilitate a smooth verification process but also position you as a strong candidate for the scholarship.
Accessing the List of Beneficiaries

The list of scholarship beneficiaries is accessible through the official Khadija University Majia Facebook page. Interested parties and successful applicants can view the list by visiting this link. This transparency and accessibility reflect the university’s commitment to an open and fair selection process.


Khadija University Majia is proud to support the academic ambitions of talented students through its scholarship programme. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming screening session and the opportunity to welcome the next cohort of scholarship recipients into our academic community. For those named as successful applicants, this is a momentous occasion, and we encourage you to approach the screening with confidence and preparation.

For further inquiries or additional information, do not hesitate to contact the university’s admissions office. We wish all applicants the best of luck in the screening process and their future academic endeavours at Khadija University Majia.

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