Avoid Being Barred: Ensure Your Certificates are Verified for JAMB DE Admissions


Avoid Being Barred: Ensure Your Certificates are Verified for JAMB DE Admissions

Are you aiming for Direct Entry admission but worried about the latest JAMB directives? As of 2023, students from 155 institutions face the risk of being barred due to failed verification of certificates, a move that underscores the importance of authenticity in academic qualifications. This development is crucial for those planning to register for DE examinations starting 28th February 2024.

In a significant move aimed at ensuring the integrity of the admissions process, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced stringent measures for students seeking Direct Entry admissions for the 2023/2024 academic session. This development comes in the wake of revelations that students from approximately 155 institutions might face restrictions from processing Direct Entry admissions due to the failed verification of their certificates by the awarding institutions, as reported by Sunday PUNCH.

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Direct Entry Registration and Verification Advisory

The registration for Direct Entry (DE) examinations is scheduled to commence on February 28, 2024. In February 2023, JAMB issued an advisory to guide candidates aiming to secure admissions through Direct Entry, highlighting the critical issue of candidates presenting unacceptable or forged A-level certificates/qualifications for admission purposes.
JAMB’s Stance on Certificate Verification

JAMB has made it clear that it will not accept students with unverified certificates. The board has taken proactive steps by writing to all tertiary institutions that issued certificates, requesting them to verify the authenticity of the qualifications and results presented by candidates. While a substantial number of these institutions have responded positively, there remains a significant number that has not.
The Memo to Institutions

A memo issued by JAMB, as sighted by PUNCH in Abuja, outlines the board’s efforts to address the challenges posed by candidates who intend to use forged or unacceptable A’ level certificates/qualifications for admission. The memo reads:

“As you are aware, the Board had introduced measures to help address the discovered unenvisaged tricks and sharp practices by candidates who intended to use unacceptable or forged A’ level certificates/qualifications to gain admission. One of the measures was the verification of the claimed qualifications with the awarding bodies/institutions.”
Impact on Institutions and Candidates

The initiative to verify claimed certificates involves 2,795 unverified certificates from 155 institutions, marking a critical juncture in JAMB’s effort to maintain the credibility of the admissions process. Institutions awarding A’ Level qualifications, degrees, and diplomas have been engaged through the central admissions processing system to ensure the verification of qualifications presented by candidates.

JAMB’s rigorous stance on certificate verification underscores its commitment to upholding the integrity of Nigeria’s higher education admissions process. Candidates seeking Direct Entry admissions are urged to ensure their certificates are verified by their former institutions promptly. This measure not only aims to curtail the submission of forged documents but also serves to preserve the value of legitimate qualifications, safeguarding the future of education in Nigeria. For aspiring students and institutions alike, adherence to this verification process is crucial for the smooth continuation of academic pursuits and the enhancement of the nation’s educational standards.
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