ABSU 2023/2024 Degree Change Application: Step-by-Step Guide


ABSU 2023/2024 Degree Change Application: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you pondering a shift in your academic path at Abia State University (ABSU) for the 2023/2024 academic session? It's a big decision, but if your heart is set on a new discipline, ABSU's change of degree programmes application process is now open. But what are the steps, and do you qualify? Let's delve into the guidelines to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

The Abia State University (ABSU) Change of Degree Programmes Application for the 2023/2024 academic session heralds a significant opportunity for students seeking to realign their academic pursuits with their evolving interests and career aspirations. In an era where the trajectory of one’s education is increasingly dynamic, ABSU offers its students the flexibility to shift gears and embark on a different academic path that better suits their goals and potential.
🎓 Programme Degree Change Application
📅 Session 2023/2024
📚 Eligibility GPA of ≥3.00, 1 Year at ABSU
💼 Apply Through Dean & Head of Department
🏦 Fee Payment Designated Banks
📄 Indemnity Form Collect & Complete
✨ Transfer Once Only Once During Undergrad
🚀 Programmes Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.

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Understanding the Process

For students, parents, and guardians eyeing this opportunity, it is crucial to grasp the essentials of the application process. The university has laid out clear guidelines to ensure a smooth transition for those interested. Here’s what you need to know:
Eligibility and Application StepsInitial Steps: Begin by submitting an application to the Vice-Chancellor through your current Dean and Head of Department. This formal request is the first step in expressing your desire to change your degree programme.
Academic Standing: You must have completed at least one academic session at ABSU and meet the minimum entry requirements for the new degree programme you wish to pursue.
Performance Threshold: A Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of no less than 3.00, encompassing both the First Semester and Second Semester examinations, is required to qualify for a programme change.
Screening and Payment: Eligible students should present their credentials for screening at the Admissions Office, Office of the Registrar. Following a successful review, you will be directed to collect payment slips for the prescribed fee, payable at designated banks.
Finalising the Application: After making the payment, evidence of this transaction must be presented to collect and complete an indemnity form at the Admissions Office.
Important ConsiderationsOne-time Opportunity: It’s important to note that the change of degree programmes is a privilege exercised only once during your undergraduate tenure at ABSU. Choose wisely to ensure this pivot aligns with your long-term academic and professional goals.
Available Programmes: ABSU boasts a diverse range of programmes you can transfer into, including Law, Medicine & Surgery, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Public Health, and Optometry, among others.
Transfer Students: Those coming from other institutions are also considered for programme changes, subject to meeting ABSU’s criteria.
Final Steps

Upon meeting all requirements and completing the necessary procedures, successful students must collect letters of approval. These are to be presented to the prospective Deans and Heads of Departments of the new programmes. Without this formal approval, the change of degree programme will not be recognised.
Why Consider a Change?

The decision to change your degree programme is significant and often stems from a deep reflection on your career goals, academic interests, and personal growth. Whether it’s the pursuit of a passion, the alignment with emerging industry demands, or a strategic career move, ABSU supports your journey towards academic fulfilment and success.

In Summary

The opportunity to change your degree programme at Abia State University is a testament to the institution’s commitment to student success and adaptability. By following the outlined steps and meeting the specified criteria, you can navigate this pivotal change seamlessly. Remember, this decision is a stepping stone towards realising your academic and professional aspirations. Embrace the chance to tailor your education to your vision.

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