AAPOLY New Registration Procedure 2023/2024


AAPOLY New Registration Procedure 2023/2024

Are you prepared for the 2023/2024 academic session at Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY)? What are the steps returning students must follow? How about the newcomers? Dive into AAPOLY's official guidelines to ensure a seamless registration process.

Preparations for the new academic year are underway, and Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY) is keen to ensure that both returning students and freshers are well-informed about the registration process for the 2023/2024 academic session.

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Guidelines for Returning Students

For those continuing their academic journey at AAPOLY, there are specific steps to follow to ensure a seamless registration:
Financial ObligationsIt’s imperative for returning students to make payments for their school fees, with a minimum requirement of settling at least 50% of the total amount.
Administrative RequirementsStudents should make it a priority to update their files. Keeping personal and academic records up-to-date ensures a smooth progression through the academic years.
Freshers: Starting Your AAPOLY Journey

For the newcomers eager to embark on their academic pursuit at AAPOLY, here’s what you need to know:
Verification ProcessBegin by obtaining a Verification of Credentials Form from the Admission Unit. This form is crucial for authenticating your previous academic records.
Payments and DocumentationVisit the school office with a receipt showcasing that you’ve paid a minimum of 50% of the school fees, along with any other proof of payments.
After presenting all the required receipts, freshers can collect the Registration Package, which contains three essential files.
It’s vital to fill the Registration Package correctly and comprehensively to avoid future administrative hiccups.
Submitting Your DocumentsEnsure you make photocopies of all necessary documents. Submit these, along with the filled Registration Package, to the School Office and the Academic Affairs Unit.
Critical Dates and Penalties
Registration DeadlineRegardless of whether you’re a returning student or a fresher, keep in mind that the deadline for registration is 5 weeks after the resumption of the academic session.
Late Registration DetailsLate registrations are accommodated, but only for an additional 2 weeks post the initial deadline. However, there’s a catch: a penalty fee of N20,000 applies for those who miss the primary deadline.
The Stakes of ProcrastinationIt’s crucial to understand the consequences of further delays. Students who fail to register by the end of the late registration period automatically forfeit their studentship for the upcoming academic session.
Closing Notes

Registering for a new academic year is a critical administrative task, and following the outlined steps will ensure a hassle-free process. For any questions or additional clarifications, students are advised to contact the Admission Office directly.

Furthermore, for real-time updates and further details, follow AAPOLY on their official social media channels or visit their official website at www.my.aapoly.edu.ng.

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