EcoHeroes Initiative for Secondary School Students in Africa 2023


EcoHeroes Initiative for Secondary School Students in Africa 2023

Are you a passionate secondary school student in Africa, teeming with innovative ideas to tackle environmental and societal issues? If so, the door to unprecedented opportunities swings open with the EcoHeroes Initiative 2023/2024, yet the wealth of benefits and intricate details remain to be delved into.

In a strategic move to equip African youth with transformative competencies, Green Growth Africa unfolds the ‘EcoHeroes Initiative’ for the academic year 2023/2024, tailored specifically for Secondary School Students across the continent. This initiative aspires to empower African youth to employ their academic acumen in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and Arts to architect solutions for environmental and societal quandaries within their indigenous communities.
Opportunity πŸš€ EcoHeroes Initiative 2023/2024
Eligibility πŸŽ“ Secondary school students in Africa
Focus Areas 🎨 STEM, Arts, and Sustainable Development
Benefits 🌟 Mentorship, training, funding up to 400 USD
Themes 🌐 Sustainable Energy, Transportation, Climate Change
Application πŸ“ Online, with pitch deck and work-plan required
Deadline πŸ“… October 15, 2023
More Info 🌐 Visit EcoHeroes Initiative for details

The EcoHeroes Initiative is committed to nurturing a generation proficient in devising solutions to contemporary challenges, hence contributing to the creation of a 21st-century green workforce. The initiative accentuates practical and learner-centric environmental education, thereby cultivating effective participation, leadership, and ownership amongst students throughout the programme’s lifecycle.

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A Vision for Sustainable Development

The initiative welcomes applications from across Africa, challenging students to discern environmental adversities within their communities and ideate solutions pivoting around three thematic pillars:Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Transportation
Climate Change

Students are invited to conceptualise and apply their theoretical STEM knowledge to launch pioneering solutions addressing both environmental and socioeconomic necessities in Africa.
Benefits and Opportunities

Selected teams will reap numerous benefits including:Mentorship from international and local experts to refine and implement the project.
Capacity development through critical thinking, hands-on project execution, and online webinar presentation and training.
Specialised training for coordinating teachers on Education for Sustainable Development.
Project funding of up to 400 USD for new schools and up to 200 USD for preceding beneficiaries.
Certificates of participation and recognition along with letters of recommendation for standout teachers.
A platform to share project outcomes globally.
Access to global visibility and publicity via #GreenGrowthAfrica and its partners.
Post-completion monetary awards for the top three EcoHeroes Clubs demonstrating innovation and impact.
Eligibility and Application

To be eligible, student teams must hail from Secondary schools in any African country, including past participants and EcoHeroes Clubs. Each team should comprise at least ten (10) students and a coordinating teacher, with 50% representation of girls, subject to the school’s nature. The projects, revolving around the three thematic areas, should reflect innovation, creativity, and green skills, with a completion timeline of 3 to 4 months.

Interested and eligible teams are invited to:Complete the online application
Provide a letter of support from the school’s management.
Prepare a detailed pitch deck and a work-plan outlining the project idea.

For additional information, please visit EcoHeroes Initiative.
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