OAU Orientation Programme Schedule for 2023 Fresh Students


OAU Orientation Programme Schedule for 2023 Fresh Students

Embracing a new journey at Obafemi Awolowo University? What does the orientation week hold for newly admitted students? From engaging talks with the Vice-Chancellor to faculty activities, explore the key events designed to welcome you.

Obafemi Awolowo University, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious institutions, is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and the holistic development of its students. The Division of Student Affairs at OAU is excited to announce an orientation programme tailored for the new batch of students admitted for the 2022/2023 academic session.
🎙️ Main Events Monday, 16th – Wednesday, 18th October, 2023. 9:00 am Daily at Amphi Theatre
🥼 Opening Session With Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A.S. Bamire on 16th October, 2023
📚 Session Details With Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Dr. L.O. Olasunkanmi on 18th October, 2023
🎤 Talks Session with Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Prof. J.A. Odedire on 17th October, 2023
🎉 Faculty Activities Scheduled for Thursday, 19th October, 2023
🕌 Special Services Jummat Service at OAU Central Mosque on 20th October, 2023
🏫 Campus Tour Campus familiarisation tour/health walk on 21st October, 2023
⛪ Interdenominational Service At All Souls’ Chapel, OAU on 22nd October, 2023

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Key Event DetailsDates: From Monday, 16th October to Wednesday, 18th October 2023
Time: 09:00 am daily
Venue: Amphi Theatre, OAU Campus

This programme offers fresh students an invaluable opportunity to familiarise themselves with the university’s environment, ethos, and academic expectations.
Main Events
Invited Talks:Day 1 (16th October 2023): A special session with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A.S. Bamire. Students will gain insights into the vision and mission of OAU and understand what the university expects from its student body.
Day 2 (17th October 2023): Interaction with the Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Prof. J.A. Odedire. This session will shed light on the myriad of opportunities the institution offers, outside of the regular academic curriculum.
Day 3 (18th October 2023): A deep dive into student affairs with the Vice Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Dr. L.O. Olasunkanmi. Here, students will learn about the university’s welfare systems, clubs, societies, and other platforms where they can showcase their talents and skills.
Other Notable Events:19th October 2023: Faculty and departmental activities. A chance for students to meet their faculty members, understand the curriculum, and acquaint themselves with the department’s regulations.
20th October 2023: A special Jummat service for Muslim freshers at OAU Central Mosque.
21st October 2023: A campus familiarisation tour and health walk. This activity encourages students to understand the layout of the campus, learn about key buildings, and promotes physical well-being.
22nd October 2023: An interdenominational service for Christian freshers at All Souls’ Chapel, OAU.

Attendance is mandatory for all fresh students as the programme is designed to ensure a smooth transition into university life at OAU.

The orientation programme at Obafemi Awolowo University is a foundational step for every fresher. It’s a platform where questions are answered, friendships are forged, and the journey of academic excellence begins. Don’t miss out!

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