Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism 2024: Showcase Your Critical Insight to Win $10K


Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism 2024: Showcase Your Critical Insight to Win $10K

Are you an insightful critic with a passion for dissecting children's literature? The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism 2024, sponsored by Nigeria LNG, invites entries for the best critical work. With a prize of USD 10,000, isn't it time your analytical skills and literary insights gained the recognition they deserve? This year, the focus is on Children's Literature, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your critical prowess.

Nigeria LNG takes pride in sponsoring The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism, an annual accolade that recognises and honours outstanding critical works in literature. This year, the spotlight is on the genre of Children’s Literature, offering a unique platform for critics to showcase their analytical prowess. The winner of this esteemed competition will receive a significant sum of USD 10,000, underscoring the value placed on insightful literary critique.
📚 Focus Children’s Literature
💰 Prize Amount USD 10,000
🏆 Sponsor Nigeria LNG Limited
📅 Closing Date 2nd April 2024
📝 Submission 3 Literary Criticism Works Required
🌟 Judges Panel Prof. Saleh Abdu, Prof. Vicky Sylvester, Dr. Igudia Osarobu
📖 Entry Criteria Excellence in Literary Criticism
🏁 Announcement Winner(s) Announced in October 2024

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The Focus: Children’s Literature

In 2024, the competition invites critical analyses that delve into the intricate world of Children’s Literature. This presents a remarkable opportunity for you to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of this vital literary genre.
Judging Excellence: The Panel

A distinguished panel of judges will review the submissions:Professor Saleh Abdu (Chairman)
Professor Vicky Sylvester (Member)
Dr. Igudia Osarobu (Member)
International Consultant: Dr. Christopher Okemwa
Submission Procedure: Your Path to Recognition

To participate, you are required to follow a straightforward submission process:Obtain the Application Form: This can be done online from The Nigeria Prizes website here.
Submit Three Works: You must submit three (3) literary criticism works focusing on Children’s Literature.
Complete and Attach the Form: Ensure that the completed forms are printed and submitted alongside your entries.

For more details on the submission process, please visit The Nigeria Prizes website.
Prize Secretariat Contact Details

For any queries or further information, you can reach out to The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism at:

Address: External Relations Division,
Nigeria LNG Limited Corporate Head Office,
NLNG Road, Eastern By-Pass,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Announcement and Public Presentation

The winner(s) of the prize, if any, will be publicly announced and presented in October 2024.
Deadline for Entries

Mark your calendar – all entries must be submitted by Tuesday, 2nd April 2024. Please note that any submissions made after this date will not be considered.

As you prepare your submissions for The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism 2024, remember that your work could significantly contribute to the landscape of literary criticism, particularly in Children’s Literature. This is not just a competition; it is a celebration of intellectual exploration and a chance to make your mark in the world of literary analysis.
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